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elephant-in-the-roomThe Elephant In The Room

This elephant in the room is one that you’ll have no problem addressing. The second collection of short stories and illustrations, it picks up right where Wishes For Fishes leaves off. Meet a narwhal with a banana stuck to his tusk, a fly who has to walk, and a skeleton who lost his head. And of course, find out what happens when an elephant enters the room. Fun rhymes paired with beautiful illustrations once again in this wonderful book. 

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a-pig-is-a-piggyA Pig Is A Piggy

A pig is a piggy, a cat is a kitty, and you are sure to love this cute and charming picture book. Inside, you’ll find a playful look at the traits that we associate with our favorite animals. Short, sweet and silly, it’s a perfect read to little ones at bedtime.

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benjamin-blue-cover-01Benjamin Blue Has Very Strange Chores That He Has To Do

Meet a boy named Benjamin Blue. He may seem pretty average to you. What you might not expect is that Benjamin Blue has some very strange chores that he has to do.  C. Spliedt brings Benjamin Blue and a fun cast of characters to life in this magical book that proves that not all chores are dull—and that getting them done can be an adventure!

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wishes-for-fishes-coverWishes For Fishes: Fantastic Tales & Stupendous Stories

Have you wondered what a fish would wonder if he could leave the sea? Wishes For Fishes is a collection of short stories and brilliant illustrations from author C. Spliedt. Go on a journey with a one-legged octopus, and a mouse who lives on a tortoise shell. Meet a zebra who lost his stripes, a girl made of glass, and a ghost who’s too tiny to be scary. Follow the tale of a fish who dared to dream. Get excited for this whimsical book that is sure to bring a smile to the face of kids and adults alike. 

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howDoTheAnimalsLive_cover1How Do The Animals Live?

Follow the adventures of Lulu in this delightful children’s book as she explores the world around her to answer the question, “How Do the Animals Live?” Visit a bird’s nest, way up high in the tree tops. Hang upside down with her in a bat cave. Build a dam with Lulu and her beaver friend. Her imagination runs wild as she travels high and low, around the globe, in this fun-filled journey!

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